About GoldCap

Who We Are

Teachers Who Love to Teach!

GoldCap Education is locally owned and operated by education professionals from the Iowa City area. Our leadership and instructional team are comprised of highly-qualified teachers with experience and licensure from Early Childhood Education to K-12 to Higher Education. We look forward to offering a broad range of enrichment and educational programming that reflect the values of the Iowa City community we love. 

Licensed Educators
Professional Tutors
Content Area Experts
Diverse Specializations
What We Do

High-Quality Educational Opportunities

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Enrichment Camps

Educational enrichment opportunities for elementary through junior high aged students. Great for students who love to learn and have specific interest areas!

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1:1 tutoring from professionaly licensed educators with specialty area content endorsements. Available for early childhood through high school ages.

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Parent Friendly

GoldCap programming will primarily schedule around the ICCSD and UI academic calendars. We will offer programming on no-school days and school breaks.

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Coaching & Consulting

Educational coaching for junior-high through college students to support them in being their best. Transition consulting for high schoolers ready for their next step.